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Democratize music listening with QCast

  • Build collaborative playlists

  • Add songs from Google Play Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud

  • Turn your phone, TV, or computer into a jukebox

Supercharge your next party

QCast Music lets everyone contribute to a shared queue - no more hogging the aux jack. Your party guests or car passengers can build a collaborative playlist with something for everyone. Keep everyone happy and discover something new in the process.


Fantastic idea! Perfect for parties! We use this app everyday at work. We are 3 working in the same office space and we were always fighting about who choose the music. Now with this app no more fighting, Its Democratic! I use this app for parties, road trips, At home. Nice GUI since last update. A must have!


Daniel Parent

Google Play

Awesome! Been looking for something like this for ages. Finally a "multiplayer" jukebox app that works well!! This will make work a lot more fun with less complaints about the music being played :)


Joakim Kingström

Google Play

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